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Photographers, Amazon sellers, and small to big brands all benefited from our photo editing services.

Our team of experts can dive deeper into your photos to erase faults and imperfections. Having these imperfections and blemishes removed will make your photographs seem sharper and more professional. No matter how complex your images are, our specialists know how to properly develop the paths in Photoshop. At ONG, we go over and over to guarantee you receive the images you want.

We have over 100 experienced graphics teams and thousands of global clients. We provide worldwide on-demand photo editing services. We are a trusted, cost-effective, and fast service provider that completes all image editing jobs efficiently. We provide pixel-perfect photo editing services to customers worldwide.

We promise the finest image editing services for your business. Your only task now is to submit your photos and inform us of your requirements. We'll design your photos according to your specifications.


Our Graphics Design services basically entail the following

Professional Editing

Our image editing experts are dedicated to delivering the very best standards on every single image.

Privacy Guaranteed

We are sensitive to customer concerns and ensure absolute confidentiality and privacy of any information

Affordable Price

We are able to offer the Best price & 100% Money back Guarantee. Our price starts from only $0.45 per image.

Fast Turnaround

We are running a true 24/7 hour operation. You can send us your images and get them back when you need them.


We offer affordable prices and big discounts for bulk professional image editing and retouching services. We charge a reasonable price for our service in conjunction with providing the foremost reliable and top-quality image masking and image editing services. You, your time, and your budget are our top priorities.

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Clipping path services basically entail the following

Removal of Background Objects

This perhaps is the main role of the clipping path services. They do get rid of all the background objects that exist in the images. This is to leave only those images that do exist in the foreground which is of interest to the viewer or owner of the photos. This service ensures that the overall credibility of the image is not tampered with at all. It is hence great for those images that are partly explicit and partly conducive for visualization.

Superimposition of Images

In order to achieve certain effects or desired outcomes, you may at times wish to superimpose your image against a totally different image or background. This technique also allows you to do exactly that. Through this technique, you may overlay your image against a chosen background. This way, you get to create certain unique effects and final outcomes. If you are a creative artist, photographer, web designer, or picture enthusiast, this indeed is a technique

Elimination of Superfluous Details

In some instances, you may often find certain details unnecessary in an image. Such details may often interfere with the overall value of the photos. Examples of these could be pieces of clutter in a birthday party or nude photos in a football field. This service eliminates such unwanted details to leave behind only those that are relevant to the desired theme. Under this consideration, service may also be used to rid images of any undesirable objects that may spoil the reputation of the owner of the image.

Addition of Extra Contents

Over and above superimposing objects against other backgrounds, you can also introduce fresh contents courtesy of this technique. The technique indeed allows you to import or bring in contents from elsewhere and paste them alongside yours. This again lets you influence the nature of your image’s final appearance. It may also help you to manipulate the viewers of your images in one way or another. The technique, therefore, comes in handy especially if your career largely depends on visual arts.



3D Modeling

In order to make your development process more efficient, we can provide you with 3D modeling and rendering services for your visualization or product analysis. We'll provide you with accurate and highly marketable 3D Computer-aided Design modeling.

Banner Design

We create professional poster designs, also known as top banner ad designs. Our designers have a good knowledge and experience in banner design, you can be confident that we will provide banners that will stand out from the crowd and increase click-through rates.


Logo Design

Apart from matters photography, we also design logos for your company. We apply our graphic design techniques and tools of the trade to deliver to you the best ever logos. You can will be satisfied with our services.

Resotre Photos

Our old photo restoration service can help your photo to remove bad background, mold elimination, red-eye deletion, picture cleaning up, color improvement, repair in the absent area and remove all unwanted area or shade, etc. you can get this world-class service at a low price.

Old Photo Restoration

Are you in possession of old photos which you would wish to bring back to life? Our old photo restoration will cleanse your images, get rid of scratches, and mask unwanted objects to bring your old photos back to life.

Newspaper AD Design

You do not have to spend too much to have your newspaper advertisements designed. We charge less for this great task. Moreover, we also conduct the design in a timely manner and in the most professional way imaginable.



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  • Chris Mikkelsen
    I have worked with many different outsourcing companies (suppliers of clippings, image editing, Re-touch etc). Overnightgraphics.com is with out doubt, one of the best companies. They work fast, good and for a fair price. They are not the cheapest but, you can’t get better quality cheaper. Quality and price go hand in hand.
    Chris Mikkelsen
  • Anya Krogh Schlosser
    This is so much better! Best image editing service!
    Anya Krogh Schlosser
  • ERIC
    I use Over Night Graphics on a regular basis to clip my images and place them on a white background ready for use on my Ecommerce website. I am always impressed by the quality of the work which helps to show my website at its best.
    The Excellent service that our company has received from this company is second to none! I would recommend Overnight Graphics (ONG) to anyone who is looking for quality graphic design at a fast turnaround time.

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