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Image editing is a very important technique. It basically entails altering the appearance of images, their overall size, and other finer details that are displayed therein. To do this, a range of techniques and approaches are employed.


Perhaps the most ingenious of these image editing techniques is the clipping path. This is a means of cutting out unwanted portions of a two-dimensional image to leave behind the desired object or final outcome. This is done by use of a closed vector path in an image editing software such as the Adobe Photoshop.


Clipping path services basically entail the following

Removal of Background Objects

This perhaps is the main role of the clipping path services. They do get rid of all the background objects that exist in the images. This is to leave only those images that do exist in the foreground which is of interest to the viewer or owner of the photos. This service ensures that the overall credibility of the image is not tampered with at all. It is hence great for those images that are partly explicit and partly conducive for visualization.

Elimination of Superfluous Details

In some instances, you may often find certain details unnecessary in an image. Such details may often interfere with the overall value of the photos. Examples of these could be pieces of clutter in a birthday party or nude photos in a football field. This service eliminates such unwanted details to leave behind only those that are relevant to the desired theme. Under this consideration, service may also be used to rid images of any undesirable objects that may spoil the reputation of the owner of the image.

Superimposition of Images

In order to achieve certain effects or desired outcomes, you may at times wish to superimpose your image against a totally different image or background. This technique also allows you to do exactly that. Through this technique, you may overlay your image against a chose background. This way, you get to create certain unique effects and final outcomes. If you are a creative artist, photographer, web designer, or picture enthusiast, this indeed is a technique you just have to think of.

Addition of Extra Contents

Over and above superimposing objects against other backgrounds, you can also introduce fresh contents courtesy of this technique. The technique indeed allows you to import or bring in contents from elsewhere and paste them alongside yours. This again lets you influence the nature of your image’s final appearance. It may also help you to manipulate the viewers of your images in one way or another. The technique, therefore, comes in handy especially if your career largely depends on visual arts.

Enlarging or Contracting Images

Apart from merely getting rid of those details that are unnecessary from a photograph, this service can also be used to resize an image altogether. It may be used to enlarge or contract the size of an image to conform to the desired sizes. This way, it may either emphasize certain details or diminish the significance of other details as a whole. The service is so designed as not to eliminate any detail or interfere with the integrity of a photograph in the process.

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clipping Path

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Image Masking

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Pattern Design

We are giving world class garment pattern design service. You can save your time and cost by using our pattern design service.

Invisible Mannequin

Are you nervous about your invisible mannequin service cost? Overnight Graphics is offered really wonderful invisible mannequin or neck joint technique that develops your

Photo Resizing

Overnight Graphics is renowned for photo resizing service. Our company has already good reputation for providing most wonderful task with low cost, 24/7 days

Magazine Design

Do you want to design your magazine with best quality? Overnight Graphics provide all kind of magazine design service with well perform technical profession

Raster To Vector

Do you need convert your raster image to vector shape? Overnight Graphics is a graphics design based company that is done always best performs

Newspaper Ad Design

Do you need business class newspaper ads design service in short time with low cost? Our Overnight Graphics is giving this type of service


Obtain Perfect Vector Illustration

Most images are defiled in the sense that their dimensions, outlines, and displays are compromised. The clipping path endeavors to rectify such issues. Through this technique, the inconsistent blurs, and other ruggedness is eliminated to leave behind clean, consistent, and breathtaking appearances. For this reason, the service adds glamour, vitality, and appearance to any photo on which it is applied. This benefit also extends to the overall dimensions of the photo as it contributes to its sizing.

Enjoy Faster and More Efficient Image Editing

In all, clipping services are faster than most other image editing techniques. This mainly stems from the fact that it is simpler than most other techniques. You will not have to wait for too long to generate the outcomes you desire at all. This fact also absolves you from boredom and other dangers that generally come along by having to wait for too long to receive the desired outcomes. They are hence suitable for emergency situations or for those moments when the time is not a luxury.

Boosts the Overall Values of your Photos

Photos play several kinds of roles. The roles they play determine to a great extent the kind of value they exude or may be derived from them. This technique helps in boosting the overall significance of the photos as a whole. This is because it gets rid of those objects within the image that may not blend well with the overall theme or purpose of the photo. It can also highlight or place greater emphasis on certain objects within the image that are more important.

Enhance the Overall Appearance of your Photos

The typical photo contains far too many objects. Most of these objects do not add any value to the photograph as a whole. This is mainly due to the fact that they are inconsistent with the overall theme of the photograph. By getting rid of such unnecessary details or objects, you get to enhance the overall appearance of your image. You only let your photo to display those details that are of interest to the viewers or the owner of the photograph.

Clean your Photo

Apart from unnecessary details and unwanted objects, the typical photographs may also possess ugly marks, stains, scratches, and other issues that may interfere with their visual appeal. Clipping path enables you to clean your photo by getting rid of such ugly and largely unwanted marks. This is especially so for hardcopy photographs or those digital pictures that are stained with human interference. It, therefore, follows that this technique gives your photos and images fresh lease of life as they extend their overall lifespan.

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We are suited for this particular service due to a number of reasons.
Identified and explained below are some of those reasons

Conversance with the Finer Details

We are conversant with the finer details of this technique. We know how to resize images, get rid of marks, superimpose objects, introduce fresh contents, and cut out unwanted parts and portions among others. We are therefore able to handle all the tasks you will want us to without any hesitation or problems. This is mainly because we only hire competent and experienced graphic designers. They are also certified to guarantee you maximum outcomes. You will, therefore, have all your needs met under one roof.

Possession of the Relevant Tools and Materials

Apart from the relevant skill set, we also possess both the hardware and software tools necessary for this job. We possess the laptops and the application software that can handle such kinds of work well. Because of this, we are more likely to do a thorough job over and above meeting the various deadlines that are imposed on us. We also upgrade our equipment from time to time. In light of this, you can be sure of nothing but the highest quality outcomes at any given time.

Years and years of the Relevant Work Experience

By virtue of having been continuously operational for the last 9 years, we have indeed accumulated plenty of work experience. We have made several mistakes which have also served as learning opportunities. We have subsequently put in place measures to ensure that those mistakes do not recur again. For this reason, we are indeed experienced enough to do a fair competitive job. Look no further than us in your search for the right image editing firm in this area.

Faster Completion and Delivery

Our design speeds are pretty amazing. We do complete most tasks within one business day. Moreover, we also engage our clients actively throughout the image editing process to let them know the progress their tasks at any given time. What’s more? We ask our clients to inspect and give their views on the work at hand before we finally deliver it to them. This way, the clients only accept and subsequently pay for those services that they are completely comfortable with.

Robust Back-end Customer Service

A team of our robust, professional and courteous customer service executives is always on standby and ready to hear from you as regards any queries or issues you might want to be addressed. They adopt a customized approach while dealing valued clients like you. They will treat you as though you were the only one in our company. You will, therefore, enjoy the benefit of maximum comfort and satisfaction. This is to mean that none of your concerns shall be ignored or given a generalized feedback.

What our clients say

The Excellent service that our company has received from this company is second to none! I would recommend Overnight Graphics (ONG) to anyone who is looking for quality graphic design at a fast turnaround time.



I use Over Night Graphics on a regular basis to clip my images and place them on a white background ready for use on my Ecommerce website. I am always impressed by the quality of the work which helps to show my website at its best.




Image Masking

Certain portions of your image may not be clear or may contain marks which are unpleasant to you. The image masking technique grants you the power to conceal such marks. Our certified image designers are also able to do so.

Invisible Mannequin

Want to turn you 2-dimensional image into three dimensions? Our invisible mannequin allows you to do just that! We are indeed in the possession of the tools and skills that will accomplish this very feat.

Photo Resizing

Do you have an oversize or an undersized image? You may want to stretch or diminish the dimensions of the image to suit your desired liking. This is where our photo resizing service comes in. We are indeed well able to do and professionally for that matter.

Raster to Vector (R2V)

In case you want to convert your images from raster to vector for the sake of 3D computer-aided designs, you must utilize this Raster-to-vector service. Our professional designers will use the most up-to-date software to do this for you.

Banner Design

You can convert your website into a money-minting scheme. This is courtesy of our banner designs through which you may generate high-quality banners that can advertise your merchandise online.

Newspaper AD Design

You do not have to spend too much to have your newspaper advertisements designed. We charge less for this great task. Moreover, we also conduct the design in a timely manner and in the most professional way imaginable.

Magazine Design

Just like the newspaper advertisements explained above, we also run a robust magazine adverts program. We qualify for this job for the same reasons as those we have explained above for the newspaper adverts.

Photo Retouching

In some instances, you might want to manipulate your photo to achieve some desired results. This is what photo retouching entails. We use advanced photo editing software to manipulate the image to suit your unique likings.

Old Photo Restoration

Are you in possession of old photos which you would wish to bring back to life? Our old photo restoration will cleanse your images, get rid of scratches, and mask unwanted objects to bring your old photos back to life.

Logo Design

Apart from matters photography, we also design logos for your company. We apply our graphic design techniques and tools-of-trade to deliver to you the best ever logos.


You may well have noted by now that we indeed are your reliable image editing company. You just cannot afford to bypass us at all in your search for the right image editing company. Why don’t you plan to hire us to edit your image in your next task of this kind? We are always open, ready and on standby to assist valued clients like you make achieve their desired goals. We look forward to hearing from you soonest possible!

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