Contextual Background of Overnight Graphics

Welcome to the age of infinite graphics as well as clipping path service, an age in which you can strategically transform any image to look exactly how you want it to. Online marketing, for instance, needs you not only to have a cascade of great images, but also a precise collection of the images that depict what you want the customer to see, in the best possible way. Merely having images does overrule how you present these images, and at OverNight Graphics, we understand that how we present the image, is the product of artwork.

Like drawing or cooking, teaching or waging war, graphic design is an art. It is not what you use, or how, but what you get, from the process.

Pierce Armstrong

Indeed, the quality, elegance, and detail-specific features of any image, is in most cases, a product of its graphic design. Simply taking a photograph or designing a logo often yields a random image, which incorporates details that are neither important nor useful. Further, the image often lacks emphasize on certain features you may otherwise need to prioritize. Today, OverNight Graphics has consolidated the art of image presentation, to new level refinement. We pride in a philosophy anchored on the need to eliminate what you do not want in an image, optimize what you prefer, and create an overall visual coding with unequaled finesse.

Our Services

clipping Path

Advanced clipping path service Provider Company that gives you world class professional quality full production without any compromising low quality with frugal cost price.

Image Masking

Are you worried about your image masking service? Overnight Graphics has been conveying eminent quality image masking service for a long time with reputation.

Pattern Design

We are giving world class garment pattern design service. You can save your time and cost by using our pattern design service.

Invisible Mannequin

Are you nervous about your invisible mannequin service cost? Overnight Graphics is offered really wonderful invisible mannequin or neck joint technique that develops your

Photo Resizing

Overnight Graphics is renowned for photo resizing service. Our company has already good reputation for providing most wonderful task with low cost, 24/7 days

Magazine Design

Do you want to design your magazine with best quality? Overnight Graphics provide all kind of magazine design service with well perform technical profession

Raster To Vector

Do you need convert your raster image to vector shape? Overnight Graphics is a graphics design based company that is done always best performs

Newspaper Ad Design

Do you need business class newspaper ads design service in short time with low cost? Our Overnight Graphics is giving this type of service

The OverNight Graphics Clipping Path Service Rhythm

From intricate clipping path services to photo resizing services, from pattern design to logo design, and from magazine design to newspaper ad design, OverNight Graphics now provides a team of highly qualified and certified professionals to transform any image to your dream. As an offshore design company, OverNight Graphics has gradually established a loyal clientele by always meeting our clients at their point of need. While our team interacts, corresponds, and updates our clients in real time, the company largely specializes in serving a customer?s needs rather than retailing some standard services. It's a technique to remove background from image. E-Commerce industry uses this professional image editing services spontaneously.

A customer will simply describe their intention, and our designers creatively craft potential solutions. Once the customer selects the best possible solution, the next step is usually a team effort when molding that solution to its perfection. The customer selects the best possible solution, from clipping path service to image masking, from banner design to raster/vector conversion, from image masking to photo background erasing, and from photo restoration to photo retouching, based on their precise requirements. While most of our clientele are companies who need logo, magazine, ad, and web image designs, we serve an increasing number of clients with personal requests to restore or retouch their treasured photographs.

By principle and merit, OverNight Graphics understands the unique, novel, and even overly demanding needs of the customer as the guiding standard. With speed, reliability, convenience, and unquestionable quality, we have witnessed nine years of serving an international clientele preferences. The last few years have witnessed a growing trend of creating image formats that are both search engine friendly and SEO optimized for online marketing.

For any online business venture, we recognize the need to improve your online presence, we recognize the need to improve your online presence. You need to present your products in a manner that attracts the customers, improves the sales, and convincingly consolidates a following. Our job is to convert what would otherwise be a simple product photo, to an alluring image of your product line. As we do so, we target to make the images aligned to the theme of your site, increase their search potential, and attract positive actions form your prospective clients. We not only make you site attractive, but also increases its sales pitch calling your prospective customers to act and become real customers.

Further, a dominant number of our contracts at OverNight Graphics have been for clipping path service. Using specialized software that include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Indesign among others, our clipping path services can transform your image to an amazing product. We have perfected photo artistry using innovative image editing techniques for the best possible quality of your image. At OverNight Graphics, clipping path services include fundamental clipping path, modest clipping path, multiple clipping path, extreme clipping path, composite clipping path, super composite clipping path and gloominess pus clipping path. The idea is always to reduce your likely expenses of renewing the photograph, making it possible to provide a standard image for mass reproduction, and still giving your photo a new life.

We have carved a niche with expertise customizations to serve the needs of our customers, from a mastery of Photoshop and Illustrator imaging for clipping path service to artistic image masking. Indeed, clipping path service is only one specialty at OverNight Graphics, since we provide an all-round, comprehensive package of graphic design, focused on attaining the goals of every assignment. Based on our recently closed and current contacts, we have specialized in a number of graphic design as image editing services, which include:

  • Clipping path service

  • Invisible mannequin or neck-joint services
  • Image masking or Background Erasing
  • Photo resizing
  • Raster to vector conversion and shaping of images
  • Page composition and makeup
  • Ad design for web and or print publications
  • Custom logo design
  • Pattern design
  • PSD web template design
  • Customization of images with Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Banner design (Static/animated)
  • Newspaper ad design
  • Magazine Design (ads, content, and imagery)
  • Old photo restoration

By principle and merit, OverNight Graphics understands the unique, novel, and even overly demanding needs of the customer as the guiding standard. With speed, reliability, convenience, and unquestionable quality, we have witnessed nine years of serving an international clientele with formidable success stories. We have created a series of web images for a fishing company in China, clipping path service for a company in China, clipping path service for a Canadian publishing house, an Indian magazine, an American fashion-designing brand, an album for a South Africa couple, and a design template for a French magazine and so, so many more. We are presently running a monthly contact for pre-press retouch and page makeup for a company in USA, and having fun doing what we love. At OverNight Graphics, designing is a calling.

Our PORTfolio

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Our Absolute Commitments

OverNight Graphics presently runs a team of 60 professional designers, 12 customer service personnel, 7 research assistants, 5 managers, in 4 regional offices, continents apart. We have installed clipping path service technology and an innovative working platform for a truly global designing platform. To every customer, we equally ascribe to several service delivery commitments, with which we embrace every contract we sign. We are located close to most of clients, and even when working online, we maintain a close interaction with our clients. What we provide is not what we want, but what you want.

One of the reasons why you should consider OverNight Graphics as your company of choice is because our business profile places you at the head of the design table, and provides a proven team of designers to attain your preferences. Whether we are providing the best-available clipping path services or developing a masterpiece magazine design, our future squarely rests on repeat customers. Indeed, at OverNight Graphics we are expanding that commitment, day by day, building an identity of reliability, trustworthiness, consistence, and resolute competitiveness. These commitments include:

  • Unqualified money-back guarantee for unsatisfactory service delivery
  • customized and personalized graphic design
  • 3600 graphic design services in comprehensive packages
  • Most competitive pricing for the best designs in the market
  • 24/7 online customer support
  • Real-time access and interaction with the production team
  • Timely delivery
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction and attractive discount offers
  • Specialized professional standards of quality design
  • Customized file transfer system for both digital and soft copies
  • High-speed database connection with advanced protection
  • Free trial for progressive long-term contacts
  • Long term business relation and contract maintenance

What our clients say

The Excellent service that our company has received from this company is second to none! I would recommend Overnight Graphics (ONG) to anyone who is looking for quality graphic design at a fast turnaround time.



I use Over Night Graphics on a regular basis to clip my images and place them on a white background ready for use on my Ecommerce website. I am always impressed by the quality of the work which helps to show my website at its best.



OverNight Graphics Specialties

For nearly 10 years now, the foregoing commitments have characterized our engagement with a global clientele base. We have proudly served a growing portfolio of print publications, online business platforms, and desktop publication with assorted niches, purposes, and customer We deliver based on your requirements. From what might be a simple change of background, to the complex process of designing jewelry images, our goal is to attain your objectives. At OverNight Graphics, our obligation is to tune the image, to serve your preferences and tastes. We deliver what you want, how you need it, either for personal of business reasons. We pioneered a revolution in graphic design, aimed at reducing your costs and optimizing your images to perfection. Today, as we embrace a decade of pushing graphics design to a new era of offshore professionalism, we are proud to welcome you aboard the ship of innovative creativity. For unmatched clipping path services, welcome to OverNight Graphics and help us transform your dreams, to a visual reality