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Photo Manipulation in Photoshop (Tutorial Step By Step).

photo manipulation

Introduction Of Photo Manipulation in Photoshop Photo manipulation is the way where an image looks different than usual. Because of here using a different kind of methods which makes a photo so artistic which we can see in below images. And most of the professionals use this tool because of its uniqueness. This is why they like to do the photo manipulation in photoshop to makes images beautiful. Various photo manipulation in photoshop is measured with skillful artwork while others are frown upon as unprincipled practices, particularly when used to mislead the public, such as that used for the following… Read More »

7 Easy Ways Which Can Restore Any Kind Old Photos

old photo restoration photoshop

It doesn’t capture an expert photographer to know how to restore old photos. With Photoshop (the tool), anyone can do it with a few crucial actions to even the most dirty or cracked photos to give them new existence where it is known as old photo restoration photoshop. So, here is the ladder which might be helpful to restore old photos Old Photo Restoration Photoshop Process 1.Add Image to A Computer Need to use high resolution setting on a camera or scanner that can capture an image. Then save photo with very high resolution with (.jpeg) format Then open PS… Read More »