3D Modeling Service

In order to make your development process more efficient, we can provide you with 3D modeling and rendering services for your visualization or product analysis. Through the professional use of efficient tools such as Blender, 3D MAX, Maya, and others, our team of 3D modeling experts will generate 3D geometry of objects for your project. We'll provide you with accurate and highly marketable 3D Computer-aided Design modeling or 3D CAD services that will meet your company's needs, whether it's for media, print, or Internet promotion. Over Night Graphics have 100+ expert designers, we will give you the best service according to your need.

3D Modeling and Rendering Service

3D Products model

Experienced modelers develop all forms of eCommerce 3D product models at our well-equipped 3D modeling production studio. Shoes, lamps, eyeglasses, kitchen accessories, luggage, bathroom accessories, ceilings, and other items are among the items we manufacture. Our 3D designs are correct, and we guarantee that you will be completely happy. Our extensive knowledge of the latest 3D product modeling tools and 3D product rendering software enables us to create high-quality 3D product photos with detailed information.

Modeling of 3D Props

Using the most recent versions of 3ds Max and MAYA, we have been providing high-end 3D props modeling services. This service can be used to create an environment with several 3D objects. We have a team of talented 3D designers who can create any type of prop you require. Simply submit us your concept, sketches, or sample photographs, and we'll deliver the highest-quality 3D props images on time. Our 3D services are all less expensive than those

offered by competing companies. So, give us a call to talk about your project, and let's see how we might benefit one other

3D Modeling for Industry

You can contact us if you are a photographer or an industrialist in need of industrial 3D model picture designs. We are a 3D modeling firm that offers a wide range of 3D design services at competitive costs. Our 3D experts are skilled at creating 3D models of machinery, mechanical components, and electrical devices, among other things. For your 3D project, the most up-to-date 3D tools will be used, and our three-step quality control method will be checked. As a result, you may rest assured that you will receive world-class 3D rendering services. Please contact us if you require industrial modeling services. We are always here to give you the best image to 3D model conversion services.

3D mechanical model

One of our most popular 3D design services in mechanical 3D modeling. In 3D modeling software, our 3D professionals produce any form of the mechanical model. To create 3D models for your project, we use a variety of ways. We make models of industrial and mechanical products such as machinery, electric items, aerospace mechanical items, vehicles and bikes, medical machinery, mobiles, computers, motors, robotic items, and so on. We have a lot of expertise working with these items. Please contact us if you require any mechanical 3D model design. We create 3D models based on your specifications and instructions.

Medical Instruments in 3D

Our qualified 3D designers can create any model of medical 3D devices. We design 3D medical equipment like syringes, stethoscopes, medical scissors, scalpels, forceps, thermometers, oxygen tanks, IV bags, and more. To develop high-end 3D photos of medical objects, professionals use a variety of procedures and equipment. We have a lengthy history of offering 3D services to our international clientele, all of them are completely delighted with our high-quality 3D model services. We'd like to extend a warm welcome to you and to our organization, which provides high-quality 3D medical instrument creation services at competitive pricing. So give us a shot.

Character Design

In our 3D production house, we're making characters. For great video game companies and animation companies, our skilled 3D experts are creating outstanding 3D characters. We design video game outfits, 3D game heroes' armor, video game weaponry, 3D female characters, 3D animal characters, 3D pops modeling for games, and many other things in addition to 3D gaming characters. We never settle for low-quality 3D video game character modeling; instead, our 3D video game artists go above and beyond to create the best 3D video gaming character possible. Please contact us if you have any 3D character design and rendering jobs for a 3D animation film.


3D Design from Photograph

3D modeling can help you bring life to your digital photographs. It is not an uphill struggle to create 3D designs of digital photos. You may have a large number of photographs that you want to include in 3D projects. You can have them in 3D designs for any occasion, whether it's a gift or decoration. We produce 3D designs of digital photos of both portraits and products using our expert talent and knowledge.

Rendering in three dimensions

The final stage of a 3D design is 3D rendering. Once a product's modeling is complete, it must be enhanced with light, texture, color, shadows, reflections, atmosphere, and other visual effects to provide a realistic appearance. Modeling without rendering will not produce the best result. Whatever complicated images or drawings you have, we have skilled 3D artists who can model and render them in three dimensions.

The process we follow to create a 3D model

Information Transformation Service (ITS) creates mockups, drawings, photorealistic models, and other types of product models. Our experts provide cutting-edge, realistically generated product models, allowing your customers to quickly identify product features that will benefit them in their daily lives. Sculpting, rendering, animation, and video editing are all part of our 3D product modeling process, which is then followed by product modeling to fully define each product aspect for speedier sales.

To be successful in every product modeling endeavor, we follow a strict methodology. The following are the steps that make up the procedure:

Requirements Gathering

Client product information such as exact needs, target audience, and projected delivery time are tightly associated with our professionals. Data collection is essential for product modeling since it lays the groundwork for efficient and accurate product models.

Analyzing the Requirement and Getting Started on the Project

Our Project Manager begins by analyzing the product and assigning roles to kick-start project activity after acquiring important project information. Client-supplied materials such as product photos, files, and objects are also regarded as important sources of reference.

Making a Model

To correctly map the product for accurate sculpting and modeling, 3D scanning or photogrammetry is used. Our 3D modelers create unique product models with appealing color contrasts.

Modeling in three dimensions

Our 3D modelers use all necessary CAD software and tools to convert client products into real-time functional 3D models. The development of 3D product models is verified on a regular basis to ensure that the output is error-free.

Adapting Models to Client Requirements

For a client's customized product modeling project, the ITS Team provides wireframe, texture, and bespoke effects. 3D product rendering software is also used to modify 3D shapes in order to convert them into inventive 2D items.

Final Delivery and Client Approval

After the job is completed, the project is safely transmitted to the client via a secure FTP route. Following that, the client's feedback is sought for approval, and the final 3D product model is supplied via the same medium.

Software we use

Experience and competence are the most important factors in 3D product modeling. Our experts have been developing varied product models for renowned organizations for over 30 years and have the necessary experience to design intriguing product models that may directly influence customers' minds while also compelling them to acquire your products. Our team of skilled 3D modelers, consultants, editors, and engineers at Information Transformation Service (ITS) uses all of the latest and classic modeling software tools to generate high-end realistic models. Autodesk 3DS MAX, Autodesk Maya, ARION, and Cinema 4D are the most widely used tools by our professionals for creative product modeling projects. Blender, KeyShot, RHINO, Marmoset Toolbag, SketchUp, Guerilla 2.0, Autodesk AutoCAD, Graphisoft ArchiCAD, Autodesk Revit, 3Delight, ARNOLD, and many others are among the programs available.

Why you should choose us? 

Over Night Graphics provide you with an expert professional designer team to fulfill your requirements. We do have thousands of satisfied customers around the world. Designing, sculpting, and modeling customer product samples are all part of our 3D product modeling services. We also provide you with the following important benefits, which are described below:


Over Night Graphics Team provides a wide range of cost-effective 3D product modeling services. Our experts collaborate to deliver cost-effective custom-made solutions that will help your product models stand out from the competition and increase sales.

The format that is easily accessible

The project is not completed until several trials have been completed. Furthermore, peer and customer reviews have been proven to produce high-quality results for your 3D modeling projects. The client's preferred and preferred format can also be used to download and transfer files.

High-level data protection

Our experts have complete command of the 3D modeling system and technology. Before starting the modeling process, we develop your product models using optimal modeling methods. Our corporate standards adhere to security concerns to the letter, and the final production model is given in the format requested by the client. You may simply overcome marketing obstacles by outsourcing your business product modeling initiatives to us.

The most up-to-date design tools and technologies

Our professionals conduct cutting-edge research for your 3D modeling and design projects. As a result, the Over Night Graphics Team may create compelling product models that have enhanced industry demand. To provide you with real-time modeling, our team makes use of the most up-to-date tools and technologies.

Other key benefits 

  • 24/7 support 
  • 100+ expert designers 
  • Preview option 
  • 100% quality assured 
  • Cost-saving 
  • Attention to details