How Do Graphic Design Trends Typically Catch On?

Trends always bring a new thing, and in graphic design, a trend is a very vital part to do something new. And people always want to see something new in a dia different era. Before the graphic design was not like these days, for an example: before duo tone effect or scratch effect don’t have any demand because of at that time they thought scratch means picture got no quality. But in these days these effects got a huge demand for a different purpose. And these kinds of effects brings kind of artistic things in images, which can grab the of its consumer.

Vivid color plays the very vital role in this platform on these days, before these kinds of works don’t have much demand and at that time there are no practices were happen to make it better, but demand always changeable so on that purpose graphic design’s trends also been changed.

This is 2019, and they’re always something can be changed with times, so take look at what actually waiting for us:

1. Vivid Colors:

some other examples:

these trends also uses for popular apps

2.Strong Typographic:

Animation also go with the flow

3.Futuristic Influences Can Be Main Platform In This Section:

For album cover this type of design can be useful, and it goes with the trends.

For posters this kind of effect also works better

Bright color pallets

For Abstract patterns these effect also works fine

Glitch effect Nothing to say much about this thing.

Holographic Elements

Geometric influences

4.Color Schemes With Light & Dark

Lots of company make their tool or app with light mode and dark mode, for example we can take Skype where included these two functions

Facebook also got this features

Even in flyer they use this option

duotone blue and white

For indication of a side this posters can be use, which is also smart way

5.Using Of Complex Gradients

gradients can give a look of an image with extra depth

In Stripe this effect also included

Apple Music

Adobe 99U Conference here also used this effect

Ringling College Motion Design conference

Duo tones uses in black and white images, its like blue as black & pink as white

Before popularity of duotone got huge demand but right now not much like before, but it still running

6.Colorful Minimalism:

product poster series

bold font, futuristic elements or a simple gradient can make some unique things

Black Foundry

7.Dynamic Hand-Drawn Illustrations Era:

MailChimp below

Halloween infographic

The New Yorker

8.Genuine Stock Photos:

Stock images also edited but not over edited, so its looks quite real

For tech company this kind of images are works best

For tech-focused blog

Unity is the power to accomplish any work

And these trends are also like kind of photography, for example we can take, before photographer didn’t use lots of gadgets to make images so eye-catchy but right now photographers take photo editing serviceto make the image so eye-catchy to its consumer, especially for eCommerce business or newspaper ads these kinds of services photographer usually takes on these days.

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