Invisible Mannequin

Usually, A mannequin is familiar as a doll or dressmaker’s dummy that is used by the tailors. And fashion related selling persons to show their garments product of their clients. Ghost or invisible mannequin photo editing services system means to create similar image copy like original but there is no trace of mannequin shadow by using photo editing software. This technique is also called Neck joint service, Photoshop ghost mannequin service etc. By using this method the garment photo turn naturally crammed, with the inside of the image is also evident.

Invisible mannequin or Photoshop ghost mannequin photo editing services is used for repairing upper garment?s clothes? sweaters, jackets, shirts, and vests, dress, t-shirt, undershirts, jumper, pants etc images. Our designers not only design in collar, cuff and back section they use a similar skill for pant legs section and sleeves. We give Neck joint mannequin service with combined action like as De-creasing, reform, clear out, photo development, advanced coloring, etc if needed.


Our graphics design team was involved with a different style of neck joint or Invisible mannequin service that crafts them appropriate shape for appearance. We provide your image in the stir of varying is high value and supply you a firm incentive to prove your originator uniform on your spot. These facilitate you to acquire the concern of your possible customers. Our dutiful and skilled image designers are aware to give a well shape your photo and turn it invisible mannequin image for customer’s exhibition. Do we have a community of advanced knowledgeable photograph editors who have more years of experience with Photoshop ghost mannequin or Photoshop invisible mannequin strategy that makes your photo perfect by modifying picture figure?

Benefits to use our invisible mannequin services:

  • Our Photoshop Invisible Mannequin or neck joint service gives your image a photographical changing view for showing your product online and scratch petite basics in your conduct image.
  • Altering the white synthesizes from your images and gives the exact apparel shade on its place.
  • Using various kinds of garments shade for your image where it’s suitable.
  • Do we design your valuable product?s image by attaching front part and back part portion like a natural image.
  • Removes and adjusts your picture background.