Invisible Mannequin Service

Mannequins are used instead of real figures in various catalogs and e-commerce sites to provide a 3D illusion of various apparel items such as shirts, trousers, jackets, cardigans, swimsuits, lingerie, and often jewelry. However, you must eliminate the background along with the mannequin in the final product and give it a hollow or ghostly appearance.

As a result, it's also known as Invisible Mannequin Effect or Ghost Mannequin Effect. Transparent Mannequins or Removable Ghost Mannequins can be used to achieve the same effect. However, after taking the photo, you may require photo editing services to achieve the desired appearance.

We can offer you with final output even if you don't have photos for other interior elements. We will also remove ugly wrinkles, dust, stains, and dump in addition to our mannequin removal service. Cropping, resizing, straightening, shadow removal, and reshaping will also be used to optimize the product for final output.

Invisible Mannequin Editing

Business owners who sell things online utilize a method known as ghost or invisible mannequin editing. Ghost mannequin editing is a terrific approach to ensure that the photographs on your website look professional for people who own eCommerce clothing stores.

Hiring live models to photograph clothing or accessories is often too expensive. Plus, there’s no assurance that you’ll like the final product. As a result, numerous internet stores display their wares using mannequins instead. Mannequins are readily moved and manipulated, allowing you to capture the exact angles and pictures of the merchandise you desire.

One disadvantage of utilizing mannequins is that they can detract from the actual articles of apparel in photographs. When a buyer sees the mannequin in the shot, it immediately appears less professional, and they are less inclined to purchase. This is where mannequin photo editing with ghosts comes in.

Our team of highly skilled ones can process your images and eliminate any trace of the mannequin using the most up-to-date photo editing tools. As a result, you’ll have a photo of only the clothing you wish to sell. While the mannequin is hidden, the garments appear structured and three-dimensional, giving clients a greater notion of how they would look than if they were simply spread out flat.

Categories of Ghost Mannequin/ Invisible mannequin

Different sorts of clothes and eCommerce products have different needs for ghost mannequin services in order to get a unique aesthetic. Overnight Graphics provides a variety of services to meet the needs of its customers. The following are the details:

1. Neck Joint Invisible Mannequin Effect

Do you offer tank tops or low-cut blouses on your e-commerce site? The neck joint’s invisible mannequin effect mixes numerous pictures of clothing to mask the existence of the exhibited mannequin. This procedure is required to eliminate distractions from the shoulder/neck region and to effectively display the garment.

2. Mannequin Effect 360°

This effect provides a product that seems to spin entirely, allowing the user to see the clothing from every aspect possible. The 360-degree impact view guarantees that buyers receive an exact portrayal of the fit of the items while seeing them in the store.

3. Ghost Mannequin effect at  Bottom Joint

The major goal of this effect is to get rid of the mannequins’ bottom halves. So that viewers may obtain a clearer picture of what the bottom of the garment looks like without being distracted. This effect is quite useful for better-displaying dresses, sweatshirts, and other items. We perform it at Overnight Graphics with the utmost expertise and at a minimal cost.

4. Mannequin Effect of Sleeves joint

By removing the mannequin’s hands, this effect displays the interior effect of the sleeves. The absence of the mannequin’s hands guarantees that all attention is focused on the product rather than the mannequin. As a result, the gear has a more realistic aspect.

Are Ghost Mannequin and Neck Joint Images Eligible?

For 3D invisible ghost mannequin or neck/sleeve/bottom joint services, Overnight Graphics requires many images (usually two) of the same object. To get a genuine look, authentic photographs of various parts are necessary.


If it says otherwise, include a front shot of the dummy dressed and a back image sans the dummy. Thus, adding photographs might enhance your images. Likewise, a sleeve or hem picture. Following receipt of the photographs, our Photoshop professionals will design an excellent image that will not only attract clients but also sell the merchandise.

Advantages of Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services

Using our ghost mannequin service has a number of advantages over other options. First and foremost, we take care of all the grunt labor. This saves you the time and effort of having to spend hours learning how to edit photographs.

Instead, we can edit your photographs to professional quality, freeing up your time to focus on running your business or other activities. Another advantage of editing images is that they appear a lot more polished and professional.

If you show consumers bits of the mannequin’s body in your product images, it communicates the idea that your clothes are of low quality. Something as easy as using a professional product photograph may have a significant impact on your sales while also improving the overall appearance of your website and brand.

Where do you want the ghost mannequin to have the greatest impact?

One of the most stunning services in any online fashion retailer’s or photographer’s arsenal is the ghost mannequin effect. When it comes to online purchasing, there are two tools that may be used to market a product. First, describe the textile materials in detail, and then provide photographs of the result.

Fashion, photography, and clothes all place a greater focus on the presentation of the product. Customers want to see how their goods will appear before they buy them. As a result, you must show them the highest-quality images that accurately portray the image.

Let’s look at how our services affect both retailers and customers:

Removes Distractions: By removing the backdrop and mannequin from any photographs, all distractions are drowned out. As a result, the buyer’s attention will be drawn to your product. As a result, they will have a greater understanding of the thing they are looking at. With the ghost mannequin services, you can effortlessly attract the expected consumers.

Remove the Need for Model Hire: Most clothes stores, e-commerce merchants, and clothing photographers spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars renting models for photoshoots. We may successfully avoid hiring models by employing the invisible mannequin approach. By using our finest ghost mannequin services, a corporation may save thousands of dollars and time.

Attract a Larger Audience: When apparel companies hire models for picture sessions, they must be aware of the subtle signals. Customers may catch up on minor hints (whether intentional or unintentional) that models give out in product photographs. Finally, people try to understand that the image’s product is not for them because of who is modeling it. When clothes firms and photographers choose ghost mannequin photography instead, they are allowed to emphasize any message that suggests the items are intended for a certain demographic. Finally, it helps to appeal to a large audience that feels included, which increases sales.

Product Look: When buyers shop online, they form judgments based on the product’s appearance in catalogs. The assumption is made that they are unable to handle the things in their hands. This doesn’t mean that companies don’t need to take the utmost care while shooting and editing their items. Using ghost mannequin images for your items helps to maintain a consistent look across your website or catalog. We at Overnight Graphics are here to assist you in making your product seem more polished and professional.

E-Commerce Ghost Mannequin Services: Assuming you’re an online retailer selling clothing or photographic services, you may benefit from using a ghost mannequin service.

This would be an excellent time to contact Overnight Graphics, a well-known and reputable picture editing company.

As a result of our ghost mannequin effects, e-commerce companies are able to showcase their items to their full potential. For the majority of fashion-conscious consumers, a ghost mannequin photography service is a requirement.

Any piece of clothing is only as good as how well it fits its wearer. When presented with photographs of invisible mannequins, you will have a better idea of how an item will seem when it is shown to a human being.

Why Choose Overnight Graphics?

When it comes to picture editing services, our clients make the proper choice when they choose Overnight Graphics from the various options available. We always provide one-of-a-kind, high-quality services with the greatest level of professionalism, all at a reasonable price. We also use precise and upfront pricing so that our clients know exactly how much they will be charged before they hire us.

With around 15 years of expertise, Overnight Graphics has a highly skilled image editing specialist staff. Some of our clients engage in large-scale photographic or retail operations that need frequent replacement. They appreciate our ability to take on large projects and provide amazing outcomes in a matter of days rather than weeks or months.

We operate with the highest levels of honesty and ethics, and we always stand by our work. When you collaborate with us, we prioritize the quality of your work and your happiness. As a result, you may rely on us without any reservations.


1Q: How can I create the impression of a ghost mannequin?

You must first remove the mannequin to achieve the ghost mannequin effect. After that, you’ll add the back of the garment and make a natural shadow to give it a unique look.

2Q: How can I photograph mannequins that aren’t visible?

Images of the front and back areas of the garment are required for the invisible mannequin effect. As a result, it would be preferable if you took the photo in accordance with the specifications. To complete your invisible mannequin effect, photograph all of the components required for the operation both with and without the mannequin.

3Q: In Photoshop, how can we make a ghost mannequin effect?

In Photoshop, we may make a ghost mannequin effect by deleting the mannequin with the Clipping Path or any other selection tool. The rear section may then be added, as well as any other elements that need to be shown. Finally, we clean off the impurity to finish the look.

4Q: What is the significance of the ghost mannequin effect?

For apparel display, the ghost mannequin illusion is crucial. This activity is, in fact, a substitute for interacting with a real person. The main objective is to save money. In comparison to a live model, the ghost mannequin effect is rather inexpensive.

5Q: Where can I find the greatest and most dependable invisible ghost mannequin effects?

You can rely on Overnight Graphics for the greatest and most reliable invisible ghost mannequin effects because we guarantee 100 percent quality, affordability, and a speedy turnaround on all jobs.