Logo Design Service

We are specialists in delivering a range of custom logo design services to businesses who desire beautiful and captivating logos.

Our talented logo design team conceptualizes a brand new beautiful logos idea for your business which would make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. We understand that your company is important to you, so we work hard on our logo design to deliver the image your business deserves.

Our custom logo design services are exceptionally reasonably priced, so you can have a beautiful professionally designed unique, and stylish logo without spending a lot of money.

We also offer an "Extras" section where we provide additional products like business cards, book covers, and stationery for the clients who need them.

Why You Need Our Logo Design Service:

We understand that while our services can seem similar to others on the net; we ensure that we serve high-quality perfect logo design with excellent customer service ratings.

This guarantees you get nothing more than the best when you choose us for your business logo. We at Overnight Graphics work with some of the best designers in this industry ensuring that only skilled professionals work on your file, giving you an exceptional striking logo every time.

Overnight Graphics is focused on giving exceptionally appealing and professionally planned logo design to its current and potential clients worldwide by its best logo designers.

Our Logo Design Process:

At Overnight Graphics, every single customer has full access to us via live chat conversations for questions about their project or even just daily check-ins.

We set up a unique system where customers are provided with their very own login account to follow the progress of their entire projects without delay or confusion. All of this ensures the company's core values so that the client feels involved in the process of designing his/her vision perfectly!

Why Choose Overnight Graphics:

Not only do we offer quality services to distribute your company's message, but we also ensure to keep an open line of communication so the client is always involved in their project and knows what stage his/her project is currently in.

Our designers produce some free logos as samples that really capture the essence and core values of your business whilst maintaining a stylish and professional look at all times. We guarantee we will design you something truly unique and original, giving you something to be proud of!

What We Offer:

Overnight graphics offers a range of custom logo design services from scratch meaning no templates are used whatsoever meaning everything is original for your target audience only!

Our talented team works with you from start to finish designing a beautiful and unique logo that suits your needs perfectly. All prices vary depending on which types of logos you order.

What do We Need From You?

We need up to six images that represent what you do or who you are as a business. These images should not be copyrighted material, just basic images we can use to base logo designs on.

Before we begin designing your new logos, we need you to provide us with as much information as possible about your business stand, brand personality, creative brief, and what you want from your new logo design.

We need reference images, colors that represent you, and any other logos or slogans associated with your business; this ensures that the design is as unique as your business!

You are more than welcome to contact us by email or through our live chat services if you have any questions about what you should provide for us.

Why do you need a logo for your business?

Every business, big or small needs a logo to represent its brand. A logo is very important for your business because it makes people find inspiration and understand what your brand stands for. It helps you connect with the right group of the target market and increases brand awareness.

Logos represent the professional identity of any business and also help you stand out from competitors in the online as well as offline market.

A logo is one of the most important aspects of your brand, so it is recommended to hire a professional logo design agency to create a unique and innovative design. Professional designers can create amazing logos with detailed customization options according to customers' needs.

Logo designing is not an easy task; it requires a good understanding of the business industry, creating an effective brand identity, and so on.

After-all a logo is the face of any business. So, it is very important to invest your time and money in detailed logo design because it will help you establish a strong brand image and increase sales and revenue in long term.

If you don't have enough budget then also we recommend you to outsource logo design services to professional logo design agencies because they will use only high-quality logo designing tools and detailed logo design layouts for brand representation.

So, it is the best way to hire a dedicated team of professional graphic designers who can take your business to next level by creating an impressive brand identity with detailed and innovative logos which perfectly represent your business requirements.

Different Types of Logo:

There are many different types of logo designs that will depend on what you want your end result to be. Here, we will discuss various logo designs and their usages.

Monogram logos

Lettermarks or monogram logos are logos made of letters, usually brand initials. IBM, CNN, HP, HBO. They've all resorted to utilizing their initials for brand identification because they only have 2 or 3 syllables to remember. As a result, it's only natural for them to utilize monograms also known as lettermark logos to signify their organizations.

A lettermark is a typography-based logo made out of a few letters, usually the initials of a company. The lettermark is all about keeping things simple. Lettermark logos are helpful at streamlining any company brand if it has a long name by using only a few letters. Also, if you're a new firm, you might want to include your full business name below the logo so that visitors can get a sense of who you are right away.


A wordmark is like a lettermark, is a font-based logo that is on a company's name. Consider the companies Visa and Coca-Cola. When a company has a short name, wordmark logos is best option for that. This is exemplified by Google's logo.

Typography will also be significant, just as it is with a lettermark logo. Because your name will be the centerpiece, you'll want to choose a font—or design one—that expresses the core of what your company does. Fashion labels, for example, tend to use simple, elegant fonts that feel upscale, but legal or government institutions nearly always employ classic, "heavier" writing that feels secure.

Pictorial Marks

A pictorial mark (also known as a brand mark or logo symbol) is a graphics-based logo or icon. When you think of "logo," you probably think of the iconic Apple logo, the Twitter bird, or the Target bullseye. Each of these companies' logos is so iconic, and each brand is so well-known, that just seeing the symbol is enough to recognize it.

Before choosing a pictorial mark, one must need to consider the image. This is something that will last the duration of your company's existence. Consider the larger implications of the picture you select: do you want to play on your name (like John Deere does with their deer logo)? Or are you trying to convey a broader message (think of how the Snapchat ghost explains what the app does)?


Mascot logos are those that feature an illustrated character. The mascot logo is a terrific method to establish your own brand spokesperson—er, spokes-character. It's often bright, sometimes cartoonish, and always amusing.

A mascot is represented your business. Consider them to be your company's ambassador. The Kool-Aid Man, KFC's Colonel, and Planter's Mr. Peanut are among well-known mascots. Mascots are a perfect representation of a business. Consider all of the mascots at sporting events and the fantastic atmosphere they generate by interacting with the crowd!

Abstract logo

A graphical logo that is abstract in nature is known as an abstract mark. It's an abstract geometric form that reflects your business rather than a familiar image, such as an apple or a bird. BP's starburst logo, Pepsi's divided circle, and Adidas' blue and white striped flower are just a few examples. Abstract markings, like other logo symbols, are extremely effective at condensing your brand into a single image. Abstract logos, on the other hand, let you develop something completely unique to symbolize your company rather than being limited to a depiction of anything identifiable.

An abstract mark has the advantage of allowing you to symbolically communicate what your firm does without relying on the cultural implications of a specific image. Color and form may be used to assign meaning to your brand and foster emotion.

The emblem

This type of logo consists of a front inside a logo. These types of logos are a popular choices for many schools, companies, and government institutions. Emblem logos are very popular in the automotive business. Some corporations have successfully modified the conventional emblem look with logo designs appropriate for the twenty-first century.

How to Design an effective logo?

You will realize that the tools discussed here have a huge selection of templates from which to choose. The following suggestions will help you create and promote the best possible corporate identity.

Your new logo must follow industry standards so it is recognizable by both your employees and customers. The latter will certainly appreciate seeing traditional shapes, symbols or letter styles in order to instantly recognize your business.

Before you start designing a custom logo online or with your favorite graphics software, write down all the details about your future brand and collect photos from the web that represent these ideas. You should also try to select a font that is easy to read and stands out well from the background image.

Our final suggestion would be to have several versions of your logo so you can use them in different color combinations or placement on the website layout. Some people prefer a logo in black and white while others think it looks better in red and black.

If you need help with creating a logo, feel free to contact our support system the professional logo designers like us, or other platforms! Good luck!

What Qualities to Look for in a logo designer?

When looking for a custom logo design, one must be careful not to choose someone who will immediately push them out of their budget.

Firstly, it is important to look at what you need from this logo design, and how much it is likely going to cost. A logo could either be expensive and very high quality, or very cheap and badly made. It is just a matter of how far down each path you go. However, regardless of whether you opt for the cheap logo or the expensive logo, there are certain traits and qualities which will indicate whether this logo designer is worth your money and time.

The following list details these key points:

1. Experience:

If they have been designing logos since they were very young, don't even consider them. This is because logo design is an art form that takes years of practice before being able to produce a logo that people will notice and remember. You should ideally be looking for someone with at least 10 years of experience in logo design, or more if you can afford it. You may have to compromise and go for someone with maybe only 2 years of experience, but then again, logo design is an art form that can take a long time to master.

2. Design Skills:

If they cannot produce you samples of their logo designs before you hire them, do not even consider hiring them. Logo design is an art form that takes great skills.

If you want logo design work done for your company, make sure they can produce logo designs for other companies too. This is because logo design isn't an easy task, and it requires much skill to do well.

3. Their Portfolio:

Ensure that the logo designer has a very impressive portfolio of logo designs that you can look through. If they cannot produce logo designs for their previous clients, then you should not even consider hiring them.

Logo design is an art form that requires much skill to do well - logo designers who cannot provide proof of this are not worth your time or money.

4. Their Prices:

Depending on what quality logo design you want, the logo designer's prices may vary. Make sure you decide on the logo design style first, then look at their prices.

If you are not willing to spend much money, then go for someone who can offer you logo designs for low prices - that is, if they have the necessary logo design skills.

Make sure that whatever logo design quality you choose, you can afford it. Logo designers who charge too little for logo design work or logo designs of very low quality are not worth your time and money.

5. Their Availability:

Make sure to look at when they can complete your logo design project, and also whether they have the necessary skills before hiring them. If you cannot get a logo designer to help your business within a few weeks, then you should consider taking on logo design work on your own.

Make sure that the logo designer can complete your logo design project within a suitable time frame. This is because depending on how skilled they are, it may take several weeks for them to complete your logo designs - so if you cannot wait a few weeks, then it may not be worth hiring them.

The logo designer's availability should definitely be one of your key considerations. If they cannot fit you into their work schedule or have the necessary logo design skills, then you should look for other logo designers who can help your business.

So, when looking for a logo designer, make sure that they have the logo design skills and qualifications to do a good job. This logo designer should also provide logo designs for other businesses in your industry, and be able to complete your logo design project within a suitable time frame. Make sure you can afford their logo design prices too. If these all apply, then you definitely made the right choice!


1What should the price of a logo be?
The cost of a unique logo is determined by your requirements and the amount of expertise required to put your ideas into action. A professional brand logo might cost anything from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars.
2What should I consider while creating a new logo?
Colors, typefaces, symbols, and pictures all play a role in a well-designed logo. Our expert logo-designed team can walk you through the process of creating a great logo that you'll be proud of.
3How much time does it take to create a logo?
Based on the worth of your logo design project, our experienced design team will be ready to discuss their logo ideas and complete them within a few weeks.
4Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
If you are dissatisfied with the created logo designs and do not get the best logo for your company, you will receive a full refund as we offer a money-back guarantee.
5Do you design logos for small businesses?
Yes, we provide eye-catching logo design services for a wide range of other clients, from small businesses to big corporations. Even if you have no prior design experience, you may benefit from our services since you only pay when you are satisfied with the results of the perfect logo.
6What will be the logo file format?
There are several logo file formats out there, but only three of them tend to be the most popular choices: PNG logo file formats, vector logo files, and JPEG logo files.