7 Easy Ways Which Can Restore Any Kind Old Photos

old photo restoration photoshop

It doesn’t capture an expert photographer to know how to restore old photos. With Photoshop (the tool), anyone can do it with a few crucial actions to even the most dirty or cracked photos to give them new existence where it is known as old photo restoration photoshop.

So, here is the ladder which might be helpful to restore old photos

Old Photo Restoration Photoshop Process

1.Add Image to A Computer

  • Need to use high resolution setting on a camera or scanner that can capture an image.
  • Then save photo with very high resolution with (.jpeg) format
  • Then open PS or Photoshop.
  • In the Photoshop, click on File tab > Open the image directory that you want to take into the browser.
  • Click to open file into the Photoshop.
  • To make sure if this picture has the preferred resolution then go to Image > Image Size. A dialogue box will become visible. The resolution is basically shown in DPI, which is known as dots per inch. If the digit is less than 300, then need to check the settings of the camera or scanner and start again

2.Prepare Desired Image Into The Photoshop

  • 1st , need to create new layer by clicking Layers > Duplicate Layer.
  • When appear dialogue box, name this layer whatever you want like “Working Layer” so you do not confuse the original image.

3.Crop The Borders Of The Image

  • If margins are shabby, use the Crop tool which is looks like a square shape where the sides go on past the borders.
  • Click and drag to choose the amount of picture you want to keep into the dotted lines.
  • Then, Click the tool to finish the crop image and click Yes to confirm.

4.Adjust Brightness and Contrast In Photoshop

  • Go to Layer tab at the right side > New Adjustment Layer > Brightness and Contrast.
  • Name the layer any name like “Brightness/Contrast 1” and click OK in terms of understand.
  • Then Brightness and Contrast or B&C Dialogue box will appear.
  • Slide the slider to change the brightness of the image. Sliding one way will raise light and minimize shadows.
  • Locate the Brightness setting that makes the picture as clear as possible.
  • Slide the slider to correct contrast settings. It will make higher and lower distinction between the colors.
  • Then, choose the contrast setting that works top for the image.
  • Press Control ctrl+E (or Command+E on Apple pc) to combine the Brightness/Contrast modification and image layer.

5.Adjust Faded Color

  • In the Layer tab menu, click on the name whatever you set in layer tab.
  • Then, Go to Image > Adjustments > Color Balance.
  • Color Balance option box will appear.
  • This box “Preserve Luminosity” should be checked to keep the brightness and contrast.
  • Select the Midtones radio button.
  • Regulate color using the sliders until you got the preferred effect. Click OK.
  • Pick the shadows radio button and highlights you set in the tool and repeat this process.
  • Go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation
  • The Hue/Saturation box will show on the monitor.
  • Slide the Hue and Saturation button in the sliders until you make the preferred effect. Then Click OK.

6.Remove Dust and Scratches with Spot Healing Tool

  • Go to the Spot Healing tool old photo restoration photoshop which is located on the control panel bar in the tool.
  • Press control ctrl (or command for mac) then press “+” to zoom in and out. You might want to bend the zoom to see more accurately small objects (zoom icon can be found in the low left corner).
  • Pick a little brush size, from the brush menu. The dimension depends on the size of image.
  • Use a round brush and slide the hardness slider to 75%.
  • Put the Spot Healing tool to any kind of dust and click to remove them. This may reason to staining in some areas but this can easily be fixed.

7.Fix Lines or Cracks With Clone Stamp Tool

  • Create a 2nd layer of the working layer by clicking Layers > Duplicate Layer.
  • Name this layer whatever you want for example “Clone Stamp” then click OK.
  • Click on the Clone Stamp tool and its icon which is looks like a hand stamp.
  • On the brush menu, reduce your brush opacity by sliding the hardness slider to 0%.
  • While press the Alt button, click on a fresh part of the picture near a line or irregularity. This will clone that piece.
  • Release Alt and then apply the brush by clicking on an element you would like to modify.
  • If needed, use the opacity to slide it (found above the image) to correct the opacity of the brush and decrease the bleak look of any kind of changes.
  • This application can also be used to do flat spot to healing spot in the image by pressing Alt+clicking a cloneable part of the picture and then carefully smoothing or cleaning these parts by clicking on them with the brush which is included in the image editing tool.
  • When it’s done, press (Control/ctrl+E) (Command+E on Mac) to combine Clone Stamp and Working Layer.

Following these processes should effect in a digital photo that can turn into a reminder that you can use for your photograph books or invitation for anniversaries and birthdays. With old photo restoration photoshop, the key is to have a light stroke as too much adjustment can make it look unreal or messy. However, if these steps can be follow carefully, then an improvement can be appear in any image where it need to restore.

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