What does the EyeDropper Tool do in Photoshop?

photoshop eyedropper tool

For photo editing, Photoshop is the tool which is used mostly by professionals. Any image or any image format can be edit however it should be. So this is a very nice tool which can edit the image with very eye catchy, and photoshop eyedropper tool is the option of Photoshop which is very useful take a color sample to apply the same color in other space of the image. Without it would be very difficult to pick an exact color in a very short time. Though it is a very tiny tool but when terms come with pick the exact color then this tool is very great.

Photoshop Eyedropper tool is used to pick the color from a photo to use the color another place in the photo. Suppose anyone needs one skin color in the photo to apply the same color to another skin then this tool very best for this work

photoshop eyedropper tool

So some examples of photoshop eyedropper tool are given below:

  • When you choose a color with the Eyedropper tool, it appears as the nearest part of the color in the Toolbar. If anyone want to select a color for the background of the picture then here need to be hold the Alt-key while select the color with the Eyedropper tool.
photoshop eyedropper tool
  • To build the color selection more accurate, press the CapsLock button on the keyboard and the Eyedropper icon will turn into a target icon so that user can pick one exact pixel of an image.
  • It is likely to pick up a color not only from the photo that opened in the Photoshop’s work place but from other applications too. Suppose we need to pick up a color from a website then this tools is working in a very nice way.

So, designer use this photo editing tool to make an image so unique and eye catchy, and Photoshop is the tool where people can edit image however they want. Suppose someone want to remove background of a photo then Photoshop is the very nice choice to done this job. Especially wedding photographer takes this kind of photo editing service to make their image so nice.

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