Raster To Vector

The procedure of converting a raster image to vector image is known as vectorization or raster to vector conversion. Raster to vector change means to adapt the raster images to vector images. Images are two form Raster and Vector. Usually, a small-sized raster image doesn’t make much variation when it opens for normal view, but if a similar image is enlarged without moving from raster to vector conversion it will give out an unclear image. The cause of this problem, a raster image is made up of dots when it enlarged then obtain it mixed up. The vector images are completed of lines, curves and all that. For this reason when image is enlarged these doesn’t mix up; it just increases in size. R2V is a modifying graphics image change system for resizing and better handling to any form. It can accommodate an image into a geometric design which is one of the functions of the raster to vector.

At present, computer aided design method continue alive in the prosperity of conspicuous. Most prominently, computer aided design do raster to vector conversion change. So our Overnight Graphics offers the best architectural depiction employs to its precious clients worldwide in a frugal cost successful way.

The convenience of R2V conversion:

  • A modified vector image has no crudity, no roughness, and no loss in feature and it can be printed any resolution or any dimension.
  • A vector image can be balanced upward or downward without any defeat in the specialty.
  • The files of the vector artwork can be applied for manuals, leaflets, newspapers and other purposes.
  • The vector graphics can also be appropriately converted to Raster (bitmap) image as when it is necessary.
  • A raster image can be cracked if it needs to be enlarged with high quality, but there is no chance of the crack for enlarge of the image.